5 Couples Put Long-Wear Lipstick To The ULTIMATE Test

Photographed by Sharokh Mirzai.
Lipstick can be incredibly sexy — until you get to the actual sex part. Unless you're planting a cautious peck — which is about as exciting and passionate as it sounds — the stuff gets everywhere. But a new generation of extreme long-wear lipsticks claim to withstand your raunchiest makeout sessions — with one even promising to last through 90 kisses. (Which might be a little excessive, but maybe that's just us.)
We enlisted five real couples to swipe 'em on, make out, and report back on the results. What started as a test of cosmetic longevity turned into an adorable love fest, proving something we knew all along: Lipstick isn't just a makeup product — it's a symbol of passion, a vehicle for self-confidence, and a hell of a lot of fun. Check them out in action in the slides ahead.

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