15 Breathable Jackets That'll Make You Look Forward To Layering Season

Photo: Courtesy of ASOS.
When we're crafting an #OOTD, outerwear is usually an afterthought. Instead, we focus our attention on our ensemble's base, trying to, say, skillfully match the tiny cobalt dots on our blouse with an accent in a similar hue on bottom. Of course, in focusing on such minutia, we forget that nine months out of the year, that careful attention to detail will be sitting unappreciated under a topper.

But jackets don't have to be the Debbie Downers of our wardrobe. In fact, an eye-catching blazer or robe can actually be the crux of your ensemble — yes, even when the weather doesn't necessarily call for them. In the spirit of ignoring seasonality, we found 15 perfect jackets that you can add to your closet right now, whether you're bracing for a too-cold office (or perhaps a chilly-weather getaway?) or simply looking to piece together the perfect street style snap.

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