The Perfect Vintage Levi’s You Thought You’d Never Find

Here's the thing about vintage clothes: There aren't a ton to go around. But, if you're lucky (and willing to put in the time), you'll snag some cool, one-of-a-kind pieces — like those '60s Ferragamo flats you spotted amid hundreds of nothing-specials or that couldn't-believe-you-scored, legit Chanel 2.55. But, more often than not, unearthing certain items — say, a pair of super soft, orange-tab Levi's — requires more than a weekend spent thrifting. Well, not anymore — if your favorite heritage denim brand has any say in the matter.
Starting today, Levi's Vintage Clothing is available to shop online. The collection features exact replicas of pieces from the Levi's archives — including its historic 501 jeans. No, they're not technically second-hand — but the company meticulously recreated the old-school fabrics, fits, and even packaging for today's fanatics to enjoy. Go on and take a stroll down memory lane, and bring your credit card with you.