Kim Kardashian Was Flour Bombed: Who Knew Beauty Events Could Be So Scary?

We don’t give celebs enough credit — strutting the red rug is something of a battlefield, really. Who knows what will be dropped or sprayed (ahem, recall the classic Tom Cruise water gun incident)? So, we kind of feel for Kimmy K, who was flour bombed last night at an event for the launch of her new perfume, True Reflection.
As much as the middle schooler in us can’t help but giggle, we know it must’ve been pretty embarrassing to suddenly get ambushed with a bag of baking supplies. However, the reality star laughed it off like a pro, and reclaimed her spot on the carpet post-pour. She even joked about the sitch saying that she told her makeup artist she wanted more powder, and she definitely got it! It's nice to see that she's such a good sport. We never thought we'd say it, but more flour to you, Kim! (THR)
Photos: Via THR

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