Hey, Picky People: These Are The Presents You Should Ask For

It seems counterintuitive that the one time when shelves are the most stocked, and you're spending the most time hitting the shops, you seem to have the most difficulty expressing what you want. When confronted with that Secret Santa form or even a casual query, giftee's block kicks in. No matter how many mental notes you make while bopping around the Internet, you always come up empty when it really counts. What gives?
If there's anyone who always knows what she wants, it's stylist Kate Young, whose impeccable taste, incredible access, and inventive style has made her one of the most influential fashion voices of our era. Though she likes things to look expensive, that's not often reflected in the price: The holiday wish list she provided us ranges from no-big-deal impulse buys to once-in-a-lifetime big-ticket items (that are worth knowing about, even if they'll live in your Pinterest board instead of your actual home).
For this installment of her Kate Young 8 column, she's showing off her own personal wish list; maybe it'll help inspire your asking. And if "inspiration" turns into "Add to cart?" Well, 'tis the season.

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