Role Model: Karlie Kloss Raises Over $58,000 For AIDS

Adding to her list of accomplishments that would inspire anyone (or make them jealous, or both), Karlie Kloss raised over $58,000 for AIDS charities at Sunday's AIDS Walk New York. But really, what doesn't this model do? At just 19 (yep, you read that right), Kloss can already claim the titles ballerina, model, style icon, Olympian (just kidding), and, now, she can add philanthropist to the list (on top of being a normal teenager, that is). Marching with fashion BFF Jason Wu and wearing Juicy Couture activewear, Kloss led team Step Forward to charitable victory, with some help from Juicy in the form of a hefty donation. Along with 45,000 other participants, Karlie contributed to the $6,014,822 total raised for over 40 AIDS charities — talk about a model citizen! (WWD)

Photo: Courtesy of WWD