If Mother Nature Had Designed A Skirt…

We'll be honest. We couldn't figure out why this J.W. Anderson skirt looked so different at first glance, either. It's a lovely, pleated, navy number that we know we saw at Fashion Week last spring. But, unlike a model gliding down a runway, the images on Net-A-Porter are motionless. So, why does it look like there's a gust of wind whipping this lady's skirt up?
The answer: It's made to appear that way. Actually, the entire skirt is one big illusion. The front drapes to the knee and tilts to the side while the other half converts to a mini. We call this party in the back, nor'easter in the front. But, maybe your non-fashion friends won't catch on. And, in that case, let them believe you're traveling with a personal wind machine that causes your skirt to gently flutter to the side. What you decide to do with your hair to complete the look — wind-blown? sleek? — well, that's up to you.
If you need a bit more proof of this illusion, the off-model skirt shot is on page two. Click on over to be swept away.
See? Still blowing in the wind, as Anderson — and Mother Nature — intended.

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