The Difference Between A 2014 Jumpsuit & A 2015 One

Unless you live in a place where the fashion cycle is a half-decade behind the times (in which case, what's your exit plan, girl?), the patterned, cinched-waisted jumpsuit is basically de rigueur at this point. They're the ones with a lower neckline, oftentimes sleeveless, with a slim, tapered leg that ends right above the ankle. Once thought mumsy and slightly weird, jumpsuits are the new normal — ladies are wearing them on dates these days, which speaks volumes about their newfound allure. However, judging by what women in New York, London, and Paris are wearing, the jumpsuits that you've just gotten used to seeing are looking a little different these days.
First off, they're baggier. Sometimes, they've got sleeves and a lower waistline. To call them a mechanic's jumpsuit wouldn't be too far off the mark. But for every reason they're less "pretty," they're cooler, too. And rest assured — there are design elements to look for and ways to wear them that'll make you feel like you've got it and are completely with it.

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