The One Brow Gel That Doesn't Melt Off My Face Mid-Workout

There are a few things I'm willing to sacrifice for a sweaty workout, including my foundation, my silk-pressed hair, and my contour. But the one thing I'm not willing to part with? My eyebrows. I'm very particular about my brows, which were once over-plucked and spaghetti-thin. It has taken years to get them to the fuller arch I have today, and I never leave the house without filling in my sparse areas with a tinted brow gel.
I've tried a lot of brow gels on the market, and I've definitely learned they are not all created equal. Some don't provide enough pigment to shade in my bald spots; others smear off when I accidentally itch my brows or touch my forehead. But Joey Healy's Brow Lacquer in the shade Oak did none of the above — in fact, it was the only thing that lasted through a two-hour cardio-dance session at Banana Skirt Fitness. My eyeliner was not as lucky.
I swept the brow gel on before my workout, carefully focusing short strokes along my upper arches and toward the front of my brows for definition. During the grueling workout, the last thing on my mind was my makeup. (I was more concerned with how the heck I was going to walk up the subway stairs after learning how to twerk while also doing push ups.)
But, at the end of it all, I flipped my Instagram camera open to take an obligatory "I survived" selfie — and was shocked. My skin was drenched in sweat, but my brows looked exactly like they did before class began: filled-in, full, and not a hair out of place. The color didn't feather or fade when I dried my skin off with a towel, either, and I was able to confidently leave class feeling put together — even with sweat dripping down my back.
If this brow gel can successfully survive two hours of dancing to "Twerk" by Cardi B and The City Girls, I'm confident it can survive anything.

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