10 Heavenly Photos That Capture The Beauty Of The Night Sky

Photo: Courtesy of Jack Fusco.
Sure, some of L.A.'s most scenic spots may look best glistening in our ever-present sun, but when the stars come out, it's a completely different kind of beauty.

SoCal-based photographer Jack Fusco's Night Sky photo series proves that sunny beach scenes are no match for after-dark iterations. Using a technique called long exposure, where the camera shutter is open for an extended amount of time, he set out to capture stunning scenes across Southern California — but it didn't happen, well, overnight.

"There’s a pretty immense amount of pre-planning that goes into these photos," he told us. "Often, before I take a shot, I have an idea for an image in my mind. To bring that image together, I’ll often scout many locations until everything lines up — looking through images online, doing a Google Maps search, or taking the afternoon to walk up and down the coastline."

Of course, he also has to factor in Mother Nature. "After I find the right location, the next stages of planning start. Moon phase, Milky Way location, tide, and of course weather are some of the bigger elements that all dictate when the right time to take a photograph will occur."

From sea caves to the desert, click through to peek his jaw-dropping photos of the night sky like you've never seen it.

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