Is Natalie Portman Not Completely Done With Galliano?

It seems like the ties between the Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman and disgraced designer John Galliano may not be completely severed. Beautiful as ever, Portman appeared on the recently released Diorskin Forever campaign, which has certainly sparked some questions and debate about the starlet-designer relationship. Could this be a change of heart, or simply contractual fulfillment? Like many other celebrities who spoke out against John Galliano's anti-Semitic comments captured on film and released in March, Natalie Portman promised to distance herself from the Dior designer. The actress and former former face of Miss Dior Cherie perfume—who is of Jewish and Israeli descent—said she was "shocked and disgusted" by Galliano's behavior and statements. This surely has eyebrows raised, and not just Portman's own perfectly-shaped ones. (Huffington Post)