What Happened When We Tried 5 Instagram Beauty Trends

Social media has really changed the beauty space — especially when it comes to experimentation. Now, anyone can be a makeup artist. All you need is an Instagram account, a ton of product, and the ability to edit your routine into a 15-second, sped-up snippet. This has given way to myriad trends — some better than others. Loads of lipstick, glitter freckles, and serious strobing, to name just a few, have all gained major popularity thanks to the photo-sharing app.
While these styles look fantastic (if not a touch heavy-handed) in the filtered world of Instagram, can they actually translate to real life? Makeup artist Tiffany Patton says yes — for certain people. In her experience, the majority of people who post these looks actually wear them. "It's not just for the photo," she says. "The people who love this kind of makeup wear it all the time."
What we're interested in, though, is whether the average person can pull them off — and would they even want to? So we asked Patton to make up five Refinery29 staffers in five different Instagram trends. (Full disclosure: This shoot isn't representative of the makeup Patton typically does.) Then, we wore them for the entire day — and snapped a few selfies, of course.
Did we suddenly become 'gram-obsessed makeup experts? Or were we running for the wipes as soon as we got home? Grab your contouring palettes and read on.

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