The One Thing Your Brunch Instagrams Are Missing

Every Sunday morning, we wake from dreams of eggs Benedict and berry compote on French toast with a mission. As if drawn by magnetic forces, we make our way to a table somewhere and order the almond milk latte. Once our cups and saucers are arranged according to the best lighting, we look around sheepishly, stand up, and take an over-the-table picture. They don't always turn out like we would hope, but we've got a few notes from our favorite Instagrammers so we can brunch like the best of them. Basically, it's all about the eyewear.
What we're trying to say is: Brunch is no longer an occasional weekend rendezvous with friends. It's a lifestyle. And, we can thank Instagram's brunch devotees for instilling in us an inexplicable desire to pair carefully arranged breakfast plates with a side of oversized sunglasses.
Whether they keep it light with a coffee and croissant or go all out with a full brunch spread, fashion bloggers do dining like no other — they do it with accessories. Ahead, see how some of these smartphone photographers do hybrid breakfast in style.

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