Inside R29: This Week We’re All About Toppers

Let's forget for a minute about all the things that suck about winter (not that we've had all that much to complain about here in NYC...yet). Instead, let's focus on the awesome things: Cute mittens! Cuddly sweaters and coats! And, of course, chic hats that keep our heads warm and up our style cred, because, let's face it, sometimes finding the right hat can be just as hard as finding the perfect pair of jeans. This week, seven R29ers brought out their top hat game, showing off the slouchy, structured, and bright chapeaus that polish off their outfits oh-so-perfectly. Click through to get a little lid inspiration, and tell us: what kind of hat do you favor? Are you forever into fedoras, can't get enough porkpie, or just love the good ole' beanie?