Winter Boots That You Can Wear Indoors, Too!

Disclaimer: If your outdoor commute situation right now involves walking in four-feet deep snowdrifts, uphill, against hurricane-force gales, and being tethered onto your guide reindeer, this slideshow is not for you (check out this shopping guide for really hardcore winter boots.) However, if you're sick of cold feet and lugging around extra shoes, and the most you deal with is occasional patches of snow and ice, we're here to help you combat your frozen foot woes. The perfect winter boot is a marriage of insulation, traction, durability, and versatility (chances are, you're going to want to wear these boots all the time, to every occasion), not to mention look enough like regular shoes so that you don't feel like a New England crab fisher while you're sitting at your desk. Ahead are the boots that are made for both the outdoors and indoors.

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