Naughty Words Galore! In God We Trust's Shana Tabor Tells All

ingodwetrust-2Shop It Now We'd like to think the story of Shana Tabor's In God We Trust kind of mirrors Refinery29's own: starting with a dream and a small set-up, expanding in Soho, growing franchises and gaining national momentum, all while designing vintage-inspired clothes and spunky jewelry. Well, maybe not that last part. But we've been huge admirers of IGWT for ages, and found ourselves beaming with pride when Tabor opened her Bedford Avenue location this summer.
So, for our Reserve Collection, we knew she'd understand our fun and well-crafted approach to fashion, and help us create something not-too-serious but seriously collectible. And boy did she. Say hello to the "Holy Chic" necklace, which captures the sass and style of In God We Trust, R29, and of course, our readers!
Gosh, you've been working with us forever! Can you tell us how you first teamed up with Refinery 29?
"I met Piera and Philippe at our first location on Wythe Avenue in 2005. They were beloved customers, so when they approached me with the concept of Refinery29, my ears were peeled! I knew they had to be up to something good."
Okay, we know we should be talking about this incredible "Holy Chic" necklace, but we want you to tell us the story about another gift Refinery29 fawned over: the "Cheers M******F******" flask! Did it sell out quickly? 
"This item always sells well, but as far as a gifts go, it doesn't get much better. We know how it goes, so we stock up. But even still, I guarantee the cheers flask will be sold out by holiday."
Do you write on the etched words, or have you created a font for that?
"Freehand, baby. I personally do all of the engraved items. I'm hoping people will find the charm in that."
So, you are an official New York institution now. What are some things that have changed since your ’05 opening in the city?
"Oh gosh, a lot has changed. Our reception has allowed us to grow in ways I could never have imagined. I am completely thankful for that. I love my job, the people I work with, and the amazing customers who support us."
What was on your moodboard when you created this necklace? Images? Songs? Movies? Phrases?
"Adding phrases to the Sweet Nothings collection has never been an issue. I'm really funny, so it comes naturally to me (insert smiles here!). I'm currently working on the Twelve Days Of Christmas, so keep your eyes peeled!"
We sure will Shana! ingodwetrust-2

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