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The One Fall Staple That Makes These #OOTDs Awesome

We're but a week into October, and turtleneck fever is already running high. There are plenty of reasons why the cuddly basic is a cold-weather staple. First off, it's as close to a Snuggie as we can realistically wear out in the real world, with its blanket feel and neck-warming capabilitie. It's also perfect for autumnal strolls through the park, chilly offices, and Saturday nights in. Unsurprisingly, turtlenecks are popular among the style-blogging set, too.
When Instagram's best dressed pick up on an item, we pay attention. So, we turned to five social media experts for tips on how to style your knits this fall. Whether you're a dyed-in-the-wool turtleneck supporter, or hesitantly pulling on your first since third grade picture day, you could learn a thing or two from the #OOTDs ahead. And, we've recreated the outfits for your shopping pleasure. Time to come out of your shell.