Why Anti-Statement Jewelry Is Everything

mainPhoto: Courtesy Of Jennie Kwon Designs.
We love a good statement necklace, but we aren’t about to forget the appeal of pretty, dainty jewelry. For the days we’re more pared down, a sophisticated set of studs there and an understated band here will do. But, sometimes we want our small pieces to pack more of a punch, so for spring, we are pulling it all out. Call it this year’s version of the “arm party.” Even if your collection of lovely little things is small, they’re easy enough — and addictive — to accrue no matter what your style.
Teen Vogue recently revealed its favorite small-piece-jewelry makers along with its favorite ways to style them. Retailers include celebrity-fave Catbird, Bare Collection for basic layering pieces, and Erica Weiner for her updated classics, just to name a few. As for how to put them all together? There really is no wrong way. Silver and gold mix well, rings and bracelets should definitely stack — bonus points if one of your rings is connected to your bracelet — and a single necklace keeps things looking fresh and understated.
This time around the statement isn’t one glamorous necklace or a covet-worthy pair of chandelier earrings, but a sum of all the darling, delicate parts. Whether you want to throw in your cameo necklace from grandma's jewelry box or show off your latest Etsy steal, it works. When’s the last time a statement piece did that for you? Head over to Teen Vogue to check out the full list of need-to-know dainty dealers. (Teen Vogue)

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