The Beginner’s Guide To Finding The Good Stuff On eBay

To put it simply, I find eBay intimidating. Now, I know it can't be that difficult to use — the site wouldn't have millions of users, after all, if it was so impossible to figure out. And yet, despite the fact that so many people sing its praises, I've just never been able to make it feel like second nature (or score any brag-worthy fashion finds on it, either).
Over the last year or so, though, I started hearing more and more women in my professional circle responding, "I got it on eBay!" when asked where their killer Prada shoes or perfect-fitting Levi's jeans were from. And that's when I realized: eBay is a goldmine for items that, a) no one else will have, and b) aren't technically available for sale anymore. But getting into the groove doesn't just happen overnight. It requires enlisting the pros for the down low on how to successfully navigate the deepest, darkest, secret corners of eBay — while also finding "the good stuff" in a sea full of "mehs."
And that's where these three stylish ladies come in. We asked Emily Holland, Refinery29's very own styling director, jewelry designer Pamela Love, and Linda Lightman, founder of Linda's Stuff, one of the most massive and successful shops on eBay, to share their tips and tricks for doing things right. Read on to see what I learned (it's a lot!), and consider this your beginner's guide to jumping (headfirst!) into the eBay action.

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