28 Reasons NYC Is The WORST — & Best — Place On Earth

If you ask a New Yorker what they absolutely can't stand about life in the big city, they'll most likely throw a laundry list of woes your way: sky-high rents for the teeniest of tiny apartments; smelly, packed subway rides during commuting hours; sidewalks filled with aimlessly-wandering tourists, and so on. But, if you ask a New Yorker to share the greatest parts of the city they call home, the list is even longer.
The funny thing about NYC is how absolutely incredible and terrible it can be at the same time: The fast-pace can be exhausting, but it will also push you to bounds you never expected to reach; the lack of greenery and space can make even the most zen person go crazy, though it will also make you appreciate the serenity you do discover. Here, the pros definitely outweigh the cons — as long as you can figure out how to beat them at their own game.
Ahead, we talked to 28 NYC women who have living there down to a science. They may love to hate the city they call home — but they love it even more.