The Cool Girl's Guide To Buying A Suit

If you don't have a corporate job, the chances that you think of a suit as an actual wearable, necessary wardrobe item are probably pretty slim. Even if you do work in a very formal office, a suit is the last thing you think of as the “cool” thing to wear — but, the runways, red carpets, and our own editor-in-chief think otherwise. Before you roll your eyes at the idea that it's actually a realistic purchase, consider this: A suit is a complete outfit, right out of the box, which should be music to a lazy girl's ears. They also can be unexpectedly cool if you don't wear them with pumps and a button-down (as one of our editors learned during her own suit experiment earlier this year).

The first step is to think outside of the navy, gray, and black box. From bright hues and bold prints to vests, capes, and retro silhouettes, there’s a suit out there for every style, and they’re rad enough to wear both inside and outside the office. Don’t swipe your card for yet another sleepy LBD or sweater dress for fall — instead, try one of the standout suits ahead. Boss-like feelings will set in as soon as you find the one that suits your style.

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