How Someone With No Boobs Fell In Love With A Bra

I can be self-deprecating about my boobs — or lack of them — but I love my body, every part of it. So what if I can't pass the pencil test? I came to terms with my chest size as a teen when I realized I wasn't suffering from a rare hormonal disorder that delayed only certain parts of puberty. But, I've never experienced cleavage. My version of underboob is the suggestion of a shadow. And, the one and only time a stranger yelled "Nice tits!" at me was because I was wearing this shirt. I've got small boobs, and that's more than fine with me.
But, when it comes to bras? Yeah, I'm not going to sugarcoat anything. It's a huge pain. Ones that actually fit can only be found in the juniors section — and as much as I like chatting with store clerks, it's always awkward to hear "My daughter loves that brand! Do you go to Central Middle School, too?" A bra that's inexpensive, unpadded, and tiny-cupped while making me feel like a woman? Those are enough requirements to make me want to fire up a bra-burning bin.
However, guys, I think I've found it. It's incredibly comfortable, beautiful, and thick enough to remain nip-free at the office with its blasting AC. Oh, and did I mention I fill it out? The racerback shape actually creates some semblance of boobs (unlike most sports bras, which give me the curves of a 10-year-old boy) and manages to comfortably encourage a touch of cleavage without that glued-on-grapefruit look. Plus, at $19.95 a pop, I could buy one in each color, and I plan on it. I'll be hoarding them in case aerie ever discontinues the style and ruins my life.
Since I introduced it to my underwear drawer a few months ago, I haven't once touched my other bras. Sure, I can't wear it with some strapless tops, but it's the closest I've come to perfection. It works under tees and silky summer tanks alike, and I've never once had to readjust it midday. It is, in short, everything I've wanted in an everyday bra.
Part of the IBTC, too? Shop for bras on (and for fellow colorphiles, the salmon and blue ones are even on sale).

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