9 Things I Would Buy If I Didn’t Have To Pay Rent

Anna Gray is a writer and model living in NYC. Wanting to make something productive of her procrastination habits, Anna started a newsletter, "Things I Would Buy if I Didn't Have to Pay Rent" (a mouthful, yes, but a title and an elevator pitch in one). An aggregation of everything from clothes to cars, the newsletter is a​ ​small corner of the web where you can satiate your own shopping aspirations.
For Refinery29, Anna's bi-weekly column of the same name will feature selections from her newsletter alongside some exclusives for our readers. Browse her favorites and don't forget to sign up for #TIWB to see the full gamut of Anna's deepest internet wants.

Sup, guys. I know what you're thinking: It's real, real hot outside. Unbearably hot. So hot that synthetic fabrics are sticking to my ribcage like Saran wrap. Even the hot gush of subway wind can't unglue this one polyester thing I have from my body. It's gross.
Anyway, tricks of the trade (trade being: staying sane in this heat and trying to catch every breeze) include natural fabrics (cotton, silk), near-nakedness, and planning lots of trips to the beach. Here's a roundup of clothes, shoes, and bathing suits that will hopefully make this oppressive August blaze a little more chill.

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