Hot Girls Eating Pizza Dishes On The 10 Best Pies In NYC

Before we became infatuated with the viral sensation Hot Dudes Reading, there was a little ol' Instagram account blending two other worlds that we love: fashion and food. Hot Girls Eating Pizza (HGEP) was born out of creator Marta Freedman's love for a hot New York slice; she started snapping selfies of herself downing some cheesy goodness, and things quickly blew up. Since the photo project launched nine months ago, HGEP has gained nearly 9,000 followers who just can't get enough of, well, hot girls eating pizza.
HGEP hasn't just given Marta the opportunity to meet the best-looking female foodies, fashion bloggers, and musicians in the biz — it's also allowed her to try tons of pizzerias. With pizza dates marked on her calendar at least three times a week, she's pretty much become a pro at uncovering the best pie in New York City. So, who better than a bona fide pizza fiend to provide the ultimate guide to the most delicious slices around? Ahead, she dishes (pun intended) on her 10 favorite spots.