Today, In Trends Not To DIY: Hood By Air’s Bic-Lighter Earrings

Certain trends are easy to DIY; others all but come with a "Do Not Try This At Home" sticker. It's safe to say lighter earrings fall into the latter category. Yes, these are real — they're created by subversive fashion label Hood By Air, a brand that is no stranger to twisting your brain into a knot. This magnetic pair from Hood By Air's fall '15 Pitti Uomo 87 Show collection resembles ordinary Bic lighters, minus the ability to generate flame. Its purpose, instead, is to spark conversation. Your gut reaction may be to roll your eyes — not only at the earrings' $100+ price tag, but also at the fact that they're sold out at retailers such as Farfetch and LuisaViaRoma. (Yes, people are buying these lighter earrings.) But, consider this: What is designer Shayne Oliver — who has never been one to stick to the ordinary — trying to say with a pair of earrings that are, essentially, just a branded lighter? Here, with "HBA" stamped across the bottom, this average bodega purchase becomes a statement piece. Now, it's a luxury — and one you don't even need pierced ears to wear. HBA's products retail anywhere between $165 (for a T-shirt) and $3,513.34 (for a parka). So, in the grand scheme of designer goods, a pair of $145 earrings is a relatively affordable investment in a game-changing brand. And, while not actually functional on Fashion Week cigarette breaks, one thing's for sure: These earrings will definitely be a great ice-breaker at parties.

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