Sorta Racy, Pretty, & Lacy: Skivvies For Every Confident Lady

A little bit sheer, low-key sexy with a touch of holiday vibes, and nothing overly flashy — sum up what you're looking for in a pretty, little skivvies set you'd like to don on cozy nights under (or over) the covers? Sure, it might seem like a challenge to track down that special set that makes you feel self-assured and at ease, but finding those underpinnings that stand out from your everyday undies doesn't mean you have to step way outside of your comfort zone.
It's true: You can forget that pair of Swarovski-crystal angel wings you wore during that last runway show with your buds Karlie and Behati, because you don't need them. After all, feeling confident in a lacy pair of drawers is all about the balance of the proper support for you with those little details that make you feel special — and in a totally unapologetic way. Up ahead, 18 sets guaranteed to do just that, with little somethings for every body type and style.