The Lazy Girl's Guide To 3 Easy — & Super Flattering — Holiday Hair Looks

Summer is the season of laid-back hairstyles that need nothing more than a spritz of salt spray and a maybe a quick zhuzh before heading out the door. But by the time the holiday season rolls around, we're ready for fancy updos that'll impress every co-worker and former college fling we're bound to run into at parties. Considering only a small fraction of people are actually professional hairstylists, mastering a waterfall braid twisted into a chic faux hawk doesn't exactly fit into our skill set — or tight timetable. But we have a ten-minute plan that will change all of that.
Naturally, we turned to the queen of simple 'dos for all the secrets: Kristin Ess. When it comes to effortless waves, one-of-a-kind accessories, and an affordable texture spray, Ess is our go-to. Not only is she behind some of this year's hottest cuts found on the heads of Lauren Conrad and Jenna Dewan Tatum, but she's also a pro at nailing a last-minute look. In the video above, we're showing you three simple styles that will instantly amp up your holiday plans.
The Look: Knotted Pony
Step 1: Create three sections with the majority of the hair in the center.
Step 2: Apply styling powder to the roots and tease for more volume.
Step 3: Tie the middle section into a low ponytail.
Step 4: Knot the two side sections to hide the hair elastic.
Step 5: Tuck and pin the loose ends into the knot.
Step 6: Define your waves with a curling iron.
Step 7: Finish the look off with a few pumps of texture spray.
The Look: Textured Updo
Step 1: Apply styling powder to the crown of your head, combing it through your hair with your fingers.
Step 2: Curl large sections of the hair to enhance texture.
Step 3: Part your hair into top and bottom sections.
Step 4: Leave two pieces out in the front — you'll want those to frame your face.
Step 5: Tie the sections into ponytails.
Step 6: Apply texture powder for more volume to both.
Step 7: Twist and pin the lower ponytail into a bun. Repeat on the top one as well, sealing both with hairspray.
Step 8: Finish by straightening the two face-framing pieces.
The Look: Half-Up/Half-Down:
Step 1: Use a thickening spray to add definition and smooth frizz.
Step 2: Separate a small section of hair near the temple.
Step 3: Twist and pin that section to the back of your head.
Step 4: Repeat on the other side so that the sections meet in the center.
Step 5: Add a decorated hair comb on the top of the twists of hair.
Step 6: Wrap a few tendrils of hair to cover the top of the comb, pinning into place.

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