Speedos Were Once Banned, But Not For The Reason You’d Think

swim-emPhoto: Courtesy of Speedo.
Some people associate Speedos with advanced design and high functionality. To others, the form-fitting gear brings back awkward memories of middle school swimming lessons, and can be an unexpected source of Internet comedy. No matter which camp you're in, it might be surprising to you that the brand was once banned on many beaches in the 1920s — for showing too much shoulder, of all things.
The ban on the racerback style isn't what made us scratch our heads: We're familiar with that infamous image of a Jantzen-measuring policeman by the shore. But, we'd expect the generations of yore to be more outraged by the skin-tight fit — a pretty explicit one, at that. Fortunately, those days are behind us. Men can now freely flaunt their bare blades in public...although some guys might be exercising that right a bit too eagerly, if you ask us.
Head over to HuffPost Style for more interesting tidbits about the swimsuit brand, and go out and enjoy the right to bare deltoids this weekend. (HuffPost Style)

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