Love Your Chucks? Here's 20 Other High-Tops To Try

When you think of a high-top sneaker, you probably associate the trend with one particular style: Converse's Chuck Taylor. If you don't currently have a pair in your closet, chances are you did at one point in time — that's how iconic they are. But why is it that, aside from those good ol' Chucks, we don't really give high-top sneakers the time of day?
For those of us who resort to low-tops or slip-ons (guilty!), it turns out there are plenty of cool high-tops that deserve just as much attention. Not only is the high-top a classic style (if Chucks are any indication), but it's also the perfect transition piece to take you from your wintry boots to summery sandals during that awkward in-between weather.
Since you can't go straight to your mesh kicks (without socks!) just yet, ease into spring with one of the 20 pairs of high-tops ahead. We promise you'll grow to love them just as much as your most worn-in pair of sneakers.

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