Listen Up, Rachel Zoe Wannabes: The School Of Style Is For You

All you aspiring stylists out there, get ready for a chic crash course in styling at the School of Style—a truly innovative three-day breakdown of all that is styling—taking place right here in L.A.'s Smashbox Studios (and coming soon to the Ace Hotel in New York). The boom of celebrity styling has definitely taken over the "I wanna be a publicist" phase, since The Rachel Zoe Project let us peer into the oh-so-glam world of shopping and rubbing elbows with A-listers. But, as is true of all too-good-to-be-true jobs, there's a lot of work that must go into it. First, you've got to have some fierce personal style, and second, you need to sign up for the classes at School of Style to hone in on those dressing-to-impress skills. Class 1 discusses the business of styling, Class 2 is all about styling, and Class 3 is an actual portfolio shoot that will take place inside the famed studio. Class is in session the beginning of February, and space is limited, so register now and get a head start on shopping for back-to-school clothes.