This $6 Lip Product Will Change The Way You Remove Your Lipstick

Look, we're not saying lipstick removal is rocket science. But: Have you ever aggressively scrubbed your mouth with a towelette to remove stubborn matte lipstick only to reveal a chapped, dried-out pout in need of a heavy-duty balm? We bet you have. And we have the solution. The cherry on top? It comes from the drugstore. This double-ended stick is a must-add to your lip-care routine. (Don't have one? Start now!) On one side, you have an exfoliating balm that gently but effectively scrubs off even the longest-wearing color and sloughs off dead skin. On the other, you have an oil treatment that nourishes like crazy while adding a hint of natural pink tint. It's the perfect reboot at a perfect price. Hard Candy Instant Lip Fix Treatment Duo, $6, available at Walmart.