These Beauty Wipes Are Derm-Approved

A few weeks ago, while walking down the aisle of a dollar store, I found skin-care wipes that claimed to be infused with wrinkle-fighting retinol and collagen. I doubted their skin-fixing powers for a number of reasons. After all, I'd never heard of the brand, they appeared to be standard sheets and not moist, thick wipes (translation: potentially dried out), and the biggest red flag of all, they were only a dollar.
A beauty junkie can only dream that all products — from self-tanner to perfume to anti-agers — can be harnessed in the ease of a wipe. But which are actually effective, and which are doomed to end up at a discount store collecting dust? Luckily, a gal can do more than dream — she can call a couple of dermatologists and ask them which wipes are probably bunk and which have the potential to be the real deal.
So, we present to you: 11 types of wipes, only some of which are actually worth spending your hard-earned dollar-dollar-bills on.

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