The Experts' Guide To The Best New York City Hair Salons

Photo: Courtesy of Rob Peetoom salon.
Finding a salon and a hairstylist is like dating. You have to play the field a bit, get together a couple of times, weigh your options, and ultimately decide whether they're worth settling down for. It's exhausting, but once you meet the one, there's no turning back.
For those Big Apple go-getters still single in the salon department (or for those casual daters finally looking to make things official), we're here to play matchmaker. We asked our beauty editors (who have some of the best hair in the biz) for their favorite salons across New York City, as well as their go-to stylists and colorists.
Check out the list ahead. Hopefully, you're prepared for a long-term, committed relationship, because you're bound to fall in love with one of these recs. Here's to love, health, happiness, and really, really great hair.
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Warren Tricomi

Cost: Haircuts, $120 and up; single-process, $130 and up; full highlights, $250 and up; gloss, $89 and up; blowout, $45 and up

Recommended stylist(s): Alan David

"I like to consider myself a decidedly opinionated and decisive person, but for whatever reason, whenever I sit in a salon chair, I am overcome with a want for someone to make all the decisions for me. What do I want to do today? You tell me. Do I want bangs? Do I want to chop six inches off or just two? And what about those layers? Do they even look good?

"Finally, at the Warren Tricomi Salon, I got answers. While it has three locations across Manhattan, I decided to go to Tricomi's Flatiron outpost, which is a place I can describe best as 'buzzy.' At around 6 p.m., every salon chair was full, but I was lucky enough to be partnered with the stylist Alan David, who easily calmed all my hair anxieties in 60 minutes flat.

After a wash, Alan told me that he was actually going to cut my hair dry, a technique that the founder of the salon (Edward Tricomi) popularized, and one I'd never experienced myself. After that blow dry, he told me that, actually, I should just have layers around my face and keep the back cut straight across so it looks fuller. As for those bangs, any length will do for my face shape, but why not go full Bardot? Most impressive of all, though, is that the bangs completely overcame that awkward day-after-new-haircut look, looking even better 24 hours later." — Rachel Lubitz, senior beauty writer at Refinery29
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Rob Peetoom

Cost: Haircuts, $85 and up; treatments, $85 and up; single-process, $100; full highlights, $200; gloss, $65; blowout, $55 and up
Recommended stylist(s): Sergio Pattirane

"There are only three things I'll venture to Brooklyn for: Grimaldi's pizza, a really good flea market, and Rob Peetoom. The Williamsburg salon opened in NYC in late 2018, but it's been around for 50 years with locations in Bali and the Netherlands. It's the open-concept space right around the corner from the Wythe Hotel that convinced me that getting a haircut doesn't have to be stressful. In fact, the space is so calming, that I fell asleep while getting my hair toned in the shampoo bowl.

"Even if you're not in the mood for a trim or touch-up, the salon offers a unique scalp facial and massage that will make you feel like you absolutely need this make-you-feel-rich treatment at least once a month. Bonus: You finish off with a blowout — so worth it." — Sam Sasso, beauty writer at Refinery29
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Butterfly Studio Salon

Cost: Haircuts, $120 and up; single-process, $125 and up; blowouts, $70 and up
Recommended stylist(s): Katia Solano, Stacey Guerra

"When I first entered Butterfly Studio Salon, I was blown away by how huge the space was. There are separate sections for shampooing, color, styling, makeup — even for changing clothes. (Seriously, can I rent this space for a birthday party?) The staff was extremely professional and made me feel like I was in good hands while I got my hair colored for the first time since high school. Butterfly's owner, Katia, was responsible for coloring my natural hair. She thoroughly walked me through the process, and not a curl was out of shape when she was done. When it came to styling my hair, Stacey gave me a blowout with waves. I've had a few bad blowouts in my lifetime, and hers was — by far — one of the best. I still can't decide what I loved more: my hair or the great conversation we had." — Aimee Simeon, beauty writer at Refinery29
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Marie Robinson Salon

Cost: Haircuts, $175 and up; single process, $200 and up; blowout, $65 and up
Recommended stylist(s): Angela Haight, Liana Le, Frédérique Carme

"I have thick, loose curls, which means there's no such thing as a simple cut and color for me. Because of that, I had to find the best of the best in New York City, and that was (and is) Marie Robinson Salon. Known for its incredibly cool team of stylists and colorists, the salon has made a name for itself specifically when it comes to blonde hair. I took the plunge (or dip, rather, since I didn't go Full Blonde) four years ago. I now go once every six months to see my colorist, Angela. I end up hanging out at the salon for hours while Angela makes sure I have the perfect golden blonde highlights, leaving not one curl unnoticed. It's not cheap, but neither am I." — Morgan Baila, entertainment editor at Refinery29
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David Mallett New York

Cost: Women's cuts, $225 and up; color, $150 and up; treatments, $250 and up
Recommended stylist(s): David Mallett, Rishi Jokhoo, Etienne Sekola

"Have you ever sat down in a salon chair with your celebrity inspiration photo pulled up on your iPhone, only to learn that the person who's about to cut your hair actually did that? I had not, until I flashed a photo of Parisian 'It' girl Jeanne Damas to David Mallett, the master of French-girl hair (as crowned by Vogue) whose Soho salon — his first location outside of Paris, where the Australian expat spends most of his time — opened five months ago. 'Ah, yes! Jeanne is a client,' he told me.

I might have felt a little embarrassed, if not for David's warm, thoughtful, deeply unpretentious way. The 1,600-square-foot space is a reflection of its owner: Perched on the fifth floor of luxury fashion mecca The Webster, it's a calm, sunny respite that feels private but not deliberately exclusive.

As someone with long hair who wants it to stay that way, I'm incredibly neurotic about haircuts, but David took his time and made sure I was happy with it every step of the way, even when several inches fell to the floor as he created the long, breezy (and, yes, Jeanne Damas-inspired) bangs of my dreams. Actually, I was elated." — Rachel Krause, senior beauty editor at Refinery29
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Broome Street Society

Cost: Haircuts, $100 and up; single process, $90 and up; blowouts, $60 and up
Recommended stylist(s): Reece Brown-Willis

"A few months ago, I decided to give my blowouts a break and show off my natural curls. I started coming across other women with supremely cut Afros, twist-outs with great shape, and overall healthy hair on Instagram, and I was led to Broome Street Society Salon. Most of the women on Instagram were getting their hair styled by Reece. I called to make an appointment with her for the next day, only to find out that she was booked for weeks. (Hey, girl's got skills.)

"But once I got into her chair, it was well worth the wait. She offered the best advice and treatment solutions to revive my natural curls. I trusted her expertise and almost cried when she unraveled my twist-out. It was the first time I ever saw my curls that springy and shiny. Between my hair and the cool vibes of the salon, I'll definitely be going back!" — Jacqueline Laurean Yates, freelance beauty writer
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Foster Glorioso Salon

Cost: Haircuts, $115 and up; single process, $125 and up; blowouts, $45 and up
Recommended stylist(s): Michael Glorioso

"I've had my fair share of botched blowouts, so when I come across a stylist who can do my hair exactly how I do it, or better, I hang on to them for dear life. One of those (very few) stylists is Foster Glorioso Salon co-owner Michael Glorioso. I was swept into his chair during a beauty event, and I knew once Glorioso pulled out a skinny flat iron and rattail comb that I was in for a good time. He managed to get my coarse, thick hair silky smooth, and did I mention he was lightning fast? What typically takes other stylists over an hour to (barely) get right, Glorioso did within 40 minutes. It was also one of the first times I didn't go back home to redo a blowout. If that isn't a miracle, I don't know what is." — Simeon
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Photo: Via @christofifthave.

Christo Fifth Avenue

Cost: Haircuts, $135 and up; color, $100 and up.
Recommended stylist(s): Alice Yan, Mariana Tomova — or Christo himself

"Would it be hyperbolic for me to say Curlisto saved my life? The warm, knowledgeable staff at the Curlisto salon taught me how to style and care for my curly hair. Without them, I would be a walking frizz-monster. So, yes: Christo — dubbed the 'King of Curls' by the Wall Street Journal — and his staff spared me from a lifetime of not knowing how to handle my hair.

"The Curlisto salon is a luxurious getaway from the bustle of the city. Before your appointment, you can drink coffee, wine, or special Greek iced coffee, and hang out with London the dog, who frequently visits the office. After a cut with the Diametrix cutting technique, specially designed for curly hair, the stylists will walk you through their unique styling approach, which you can replicate at home with the products. Recently, I got highlights there, too, which really my curls pop. At Curlisto, you’re taught to embrace your curls, instead of flattening them out and pretending they don’t exist." — Elena Nicolaou, entertainment writer at Refinery29
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Bumble & Bumble Downtown

Cost: Haircuts, $99 and up; color, $110 and up; blowouts, $65 and up
Recommended stylist(s): Tashina Tantalos, Alberto Vasquez, Francesca DellAquila

"What I love about the downtown location is how unpretentious it is despite being inherently luxe. It's bursting with creativity, and a safe space for getting experimental, whether you’re chopping off a few precious inches or dyeing your hair purple. The stylist I usually visit, Francesca, is a wizard. She once gave me the most natural-looking faux bangs you've ever seen using a $22 clip-on piece that she razor-cut into a work of art. Get them." — Lauren Valenti, beauty writer at Vogue
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Photo: Courtesy of Sally Hershberger.

Sally Hershberger

Cost: Haircuts, $175 and up; color, $150 and up; blowouts, $45 and up
Recommended stylist(s): Jae Manuel Cardenas
Recommended colorist(s): Lucille Javier, Aura Friedman

"Aura is a hair-color fairy godmother — there is no shade beyond her range. If you can show her a picture of it, she can make it happen. She's almost always the mastermind behind every major hair-color trend of the moment, including this season's crop of candy-pink hair (she does Fernanda Ly's hair!). She manages to give me not what I requested — but something even better. It's always glossy, pretty, and doesn't look too 'try-hardy,' even with the crazier rainbow shades. She is also tuned in with the best of hair-color technology — she was the first one to tell me about Olaplex. Best of all, the hair color and highlights she gives me always grow out like a dream. There's no harsh line of demarcation, and people compliment me on my color even months later." — Kathleen Hou, beauty director at The Cut
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Contesta Rock Hair Salon

Cost: Women's cut/style, $100; partial highlights, $150 and up; single process, $75 and up; double process, $120 and up

"In all honesty, I felt like CRH was too cool for me before walking in for my cut and color appointment. Nestled in the West Village, the salon's clientele list boasts the kind of people I stalk on Instagram — men and women who shave off their hair on a whim, then dye the buzz left behind aqua blue. And while the black brick walls and incense burning screams rock & roll, the true vibe is 10 times more welcoming than most salons in the city. I spent four hours there that day — taking my dark brown hair to a buttery blonde that nearly brought me to tears. For once, my hair felt right — I looked exactly how I always wanted to. I can't wait for my next appointment." — Sasso
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Photo: Courtesy of Khamit Kinks.

Khamit Kinks

Cost: Treatments, $36 and up; natural-hair sets, $85 and up; braided styles, $100 and up; color, $120 and up; weaves, $360 and up; loc styles, $30 and up
Recommended stylist(s): Anta Fall

"My first visit to Khamit Kinks was back in 2012. While I've since relocated outside of the city, there is no other salon in the five boroughs that I trust to care for my curls. It's the premier salon in Brooklyn (dare I say, New York City) for natural hair care and styling. I am greeted with hospitality and professionalism from the moment I walk through the door. And, unlike many Black hair salons, I've never experienced a long wait because efficiency is non-negotiable.

"I would recommend Anta Fall for kinky-haired ladies who are fans of two-strand twists and textured hair extensions. She has a quiet disposition, but she means business. Her eye for detail is impeccable — no sloppy work!" — Dana Oliver, beauty director at Yahoo! Beauty
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Photo: Courtesy of Hair Rules.

Hair Rules

Cost: Haircuts, $75 and up; color, $95 and up
Recommended stylist(s): Anthony Dickey & Jaxcee

"When I decided to go from jet black to blonde, I searched high and low for a colorist in New York City skilled in dyeing naturally curly hair. I wear my hair both curly and straight, so I needed someone who knew how to handle textured hair. Plus, I was nervous — this was my first time making a drastic hair change.

"When I found Jaxcee, the color director at Hair Rules, on Instagram and saw the diverse heads of curls she's colored, I knew I had to sit in her chair. When I entered the salon, I was impressed with (and so happy to see) the diverse staff. Each stylist looked different and had unique natural hair textures. The clients in chairs were also extremely diverse and, most importantly, they all looked good. Jaxcee was able to lift my dark hair to warm blonde with very minimal damage. She was extremely informative and walked me through every step of the process.

Anthony Dickey, the salon's owner, was responsible for my haircut. Normally, when going to swanky spots, I feel compelled to share a million inspiration images out of pure paranoia (I've had some botched jobs in the past). But after I briefly explained what I wanted to Dickey, he understood my vision and chopped my hair into the sexiest blunt lob. If you're looking for stylists who won't eff up your natural hair, make an appointment here ASAP." — Aimee Simeon, beauty writer at Refinery29
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Photo: Courtesy of Spoke & Weal.

Spoke & Weal

Cost: Haircuts, $75 and up; color, $150 and up; extensions, $250 and up; blowouts, $55 and up
Recommended stylist(s): Peter Covington

"All the cool girls (and my fellow beauty editors) on Instagram trust the stylists at Spoke & Weal for their haircuts and trendy hair colors, and I got to experience the hype for myself when I sat in Peter's chair. I went in for a trim, when he brought an uneven, ill-chopped layer towards the back of my hair to my attention. I put my trust in Peter and his shears and walked out with a completely even, blunt-cut bob and couldn't have been happier. I'll 100% be returning to his chair when it's time for my next chop." — Simeon

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