This Is The Future Of Pants — According To Gwen Stefani

So, you know jeans? That universally loved, all-American garment most of us wear six days out of seven (on the seventh, we wear yoga pants)? Yeah, the thing about jeans is Gwen Stefani is sort of over 'em — and if her newest clothing line, DWP, has anything to say about it, soon you will be, too.
Stefani and Michael Glasser, the denim guru who cofounded 7 For All Mankind, have teamed up to launch DWP, a label that aims to replace jeans in women's wardrobes with comfortably chic, non-denim options. Originally, the two joined forces to work on an environmentally sustainable, premium denim line. But, after a Neiman Marcus buyer told Glasser, "If you show me another five-pocket jean, I’m going to punch you," the pair rethought their business plan — as one would.
Back at the drawing board, Glasser and Stefani created what is now DWP's signature pant: a slouchy, slightly tapered Tencel trouser that can be coated, dyed, or treated to look like leather with the same techniques used on premium denim. The soft, drape-y trousers with asymmetrical zippers exude offhand cool and look an awful lot like the luxe sweatpants currently favored by cool girls and hot moms the world over.
DWP's full 18-piece line, which launches today for spring delivery, also features high-low-hem tanks, motorcycle vests, jumpsuits, and cropped tees. The line will wholesale between $80 to $130, which means that, depending on the retail markup, pieces will cost you around $150 and up. That's more than we routinely spend on casual clothing, but it's also a small price to pay for an effortlessly chic way out of a denim rut.
Click on for a glimpse at the pant that aims to oust your beloved jeans — we're pretty partial to the baby-blue and camo versions ourselves. And, tell us: Would you trade your denim for the drape-y pant? (WWD)

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