8 Fashion Emergencies & How To Fix ‘Em (For Under $20)

You start your day fresh wearing clean trousers, a stain-free blouse, and good-as-new heels. But, by midday (heck, mid-morning), things can start heading a little south of pristine. Glance down and you might spot sweaty pit rings, an iced-coffee stain somewhere, and probably some other blemish or blot that's going to warrant a trip to the dry cleaner's.
But, we can overcome these pitfalls of being human. To help, we're taking eight common summer fashion problems and showing you the gadgets and gizmos needed to fix each and every one of them. Those stinky feet? There's a special pad for that. Grimy ring around your collar? Yep, you better believe there's a guard to prevent that, too. Easy under-$20 solutions for these woes and more are coming at you in just one click. So, you can come out of summer smelling (and looking) like roses.