This 30-Day Regimen Will Transform Your Skin

Everyone has a skin-care regimen. Some are a little more involved than others, but the goal is basically the same across the board: to nourish, plump, and protect our skin so it looks freaking amazing. The concept is easy, but finding the right products to help get us to that point is another story. It takes a lot of trial and error. And we don't always have the time, patience, or budgets to experiment like it's going out of style.
Consider this your shortcut. We chatted with two top dermatologists — Dennis Gross, MD and Jeannette Graf, MD — and asked them the question everyone wants to know: What magic combination of products will produce the best results? Whether you're dealing with fine lines, dark spots, zits, or dry patches, they've got the answers — and now, you do, too.
Some of these recommendations will improve your skin in just 30 days. Others will put you on the right path to a better complexion in 60. But one thing's for certain — you'll finally possess a bomb skin-care regimen, with a doctor's stamp of approval. If that isn't adulting, we don't know what is.

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