Creepy Pics Of The Abandoned Mall From Gone Girl IRL

By now, you've probably seen Gone Girl, and if you're like us, you can't get it out of your head. Maybe you're fixated on what a complicated/terrifying sociopath Amy Dunne is. Or naked Ben Affleck. That one scene that everyone can't stop talking about. Personally, we're haunted by the abandoned mall that makes a brief appearance in the movie — perhaps because it figures more prominently in the book, giving the already terrifying story a bit of post-apocalyptic vibe. What? Suburban wastelands can be just as scary as murderous psychopaths.
As it turns out, the location used for the interior shots in the movie were filmed at Hawthorne Plaza, an L.A. shopping center that closed in 1999. Pretty creepy, right? Thanks to a reddit user going by HumanSockPuppet, you can take a quick virtual tour of the entire crumbling space — that is, if you're feeling brave enough. Enter if you dare.