What Iconic Beauty Looks Like Around The World

You could probably walk into any convenience store, in any city in America, pick up a magazine, and be able to point out at least two or three (if not more) people considered influential in the beauty world — at least the beauty world that we’re exposed to on the regular. Actually, scratch magazine perusal — we’re certain that most of you could name a few right now, without a speck of hesitation — J Lawr, J.Lo, and, of course, Kylie Jenner...
The U.S. has more than its fair share of beauty influencers — but what about the rest of the world? There is certainly some crossover across the seas (you don't have to live in a specific time zone to strive to be as #flawless as Beyoncé), but who really ignites beauty conversations, starts trends, or sells out Lip Kit equivalents around the world?
With these questions in mind, we set out on a mission to get acquainted with the women responsible for shaking up the beauty sphere on a global level. Without further ado, click through to find 16 beauty icons who could give Kylie a run for her American dollar.

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