17 Glitter Pieces That Won't Stick To Your Body For All Of Eternity

Everyone knows that as soon as your flesh touches glitter, you're stuck with it for what feels like forever. But just because those little specks of shimmer are your worst nightmare in the arts and crafts world doesn't mean they have to be a nightmare in your wardrobe. Thanks to lurex and other sparkly materials and textures, it's easy to dip into the trend without having to worry about finding little pieces of glitter on your cheeks, arms, and under your nails for weeks to come. And for that, we'll forever be grateful.
As it turns out, there's multiple ways to wear the look: A Miu-Miu-inspired heel, a subtly embellished tracksuit, or a classic striped sweater with a twist can all add a little high-shine to your outfit without going totally overboard. And pared back with all-black or classic denim, the pieces ahead all speak for themselves.
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