12 Super-Unique Father’s Day Presents (Not Just For Dads)

In the whole present-giving universe, dads sort of get short shrift. They never really got a sweet-sixteen blow-out, a bridal shower, or, hey, even a diamond engagement ring. But, since they're so good at staying stoic, we've decided to go all-out for our pops this June 19 with a gift-giving roundup for Father's Day that's sure to make up for those lame socks you got him twice in two years. No matter whether he's a Clark Gable classic (Ferragamo shades), resolutely fashion-forward (camo dopp kit), or unapologetically un-hip (PlayStation phone time!), we have 12 presents for papas that will more than make up for all the times Dad picked you up after scraping your knees. And, guys without little guys—we won't tell if you buy our top picks for yourselves, too.
Check out 12 super-unique Father's Day presents (not just for dads).