Get Wound Up By the Latest Watch-Inspired Jewelry Trend

Sadly, timepieces are becoming something close to obsolete. Our busy, on-the-go lifestyles and total devotion to all things technological has made us switch out our old faithful wristwatch for the cellphone. With our neglected timepieces ticking away in obscurity, designers have responded, literally, with "timeless" watches. Jewelry designer Denise Julia Reytan translated the trend with her aptly named "T1me Peace" range of faux-watch bracelets, which resemble a gold or silver-plated version of the once-ubiquitous Cassio. Design mastermind Martin Margiela also devised a gilded homage to the timepiece with gold and silver rings and necklaces that feature an empty watch face as the focal point, proving that perhaps some things are about form over function, after all.
Above: Denise Julia Reytan T1MEPEACE bracelet, price upon request, available at; Martin Margiela watch jewelry, available at Colette.