Fashion Trends That Never Would've Existed 10 Years Ago

We totally get that you haven't planned your NYE outfit yet, let alone thought about what fashion will be like a year from now. But hear us out. With fascinating, albeit wacky, fashion innovations hitting the scene every day (like Nike's spanking-new self-lacing sneakers), we can't help but ask ourselves, What's next? Maybe 100 years from now, we'll all be sporting metallic bodysuits that can magically transform into our dream outfit on command. Or perhaps our obsession with more-is-more street style will run its course, and we'll ditch it for simple, pared-back looks — an approach that worked for Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in the new, futuristic sci-fi space flick, Passengers. Or there's the possibility that we won't have tangible clothing at all. (And if you're wondering what that even means, we are, too.)

The good news? We don't have to wait until the 24th century to see what technology-led fashion will look like. In fact, many of today's most 'grammed products already incorporate hi-tech innovations, like smart jewelry and camera-equipped sunglasses. And while these accessories might seem intimidating and/or super nerdy, we assure you they're actually quite wearable. Case in point: the five sneaky-stylish pieces ahead. Tech person or not, consider this permission to geek out.

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