The Wonderful World Of Starter Packs, The Fashion Meme

Whether you know what they are or not, chances are you've seen (and laughed at) them: Memes have infiltrated the internet, making the posts in our newsfeeds that much easier to digest and share. There are loads of different types, and by now, we all have our favorites. But "starter packs," a fashion-focused meme that roasts prescriptive or expected looks by laying out their components, are the most chuckle-inducing, cringe-worthy dose of cheeky humor we've seen yet.
September is almost over, which means Fashion Month and the street style clichés (and industry stereotypes) that come with it are almost finished. And boy, are we nearly fashioned out. But thankfully, starter packs are here to remind us that somewhere, far, far away, it could be worse. Of course, there is a little bit of all of us in each one. Don't think so? Then you may be this close to your next Halloween costume.

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