20 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Say To A Fashion Person

Despite how effortlessly stylish they may appear, fashion people have it tough. Just kidding — they don't. But with maintaining a stylish exterior comes a series of questions that sometimes make dressing up feel more like being a monkey in a zoo. We know what you're thinking: Woe is you, right? But hey, you try justifying why you spent $78 on a white T-shirt. Hint: It's really, really tough, and you know exactly why.
In the words of an old English proverb, hakuna matata — have no worries — for the slideshow ahead will aid you in getting past those awkward encounters we know all too well. That's cute, said someone who doesn't actually like your outfit. And That's interesting, said your significant other who, had they not been your spouse at the time, probably would have roasted you for carrying that Jeremy Scott for Moschino pill bag. Because what better poison than a taste of their own medicine? Here's to strutting past the haters, one backhanded thank you at a time.

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