Get It Now: Gleaming Hair, A WTF-Sexy Body, And A Diet That Works!

We all love summer, but let's face it––the fall season is a welcome opportunity to start fresh and detox all of those warm-weather vices out of our systems. Where to begin? Start at the top and reinvigorate your sun-scorched strands with a visit to the Ted Gibson Salon––now just $75 for a haircut (normal prices go all the way up to $150), and multi-dimensional color or ombre-coloring for just $145 (again, normally up to $275)––just in time for our Month of Hair! Then, rejuvenate from the inside out with help from NOURISH guru Marissa Lippert when you score the super-exclusive "Recharge Your Diet, Health, & Weight Package" for just $315 (normally valued at $525). Feeling better? Top off your fall refresher with Victoria's Secret model favorite Nicola Yvette's Pilates Bootcamp to renew your entire physique with either a single session for $15 (usually $30) or a package of five classes for $70 (a $140 value). Trust us, it'll make you feel brand-new––in a non-'70s-one-hit-wonder kind of way.