5 French Lingerie Brands You Need To Know

Our feelings about French style — and its je ne sais quoi — are anything but blasé. French people are the authority on all things chic and of-the-moment; Paris Fashion Week is widely regarded as the pinnacle of Fashion Month for this very reason. We return to designers like Isabel Marant, Phoebe Philo, and Raf Simons for wardrobe inspiration season after season, in the hopes of being mistaken for Parisiennes while walking along the Champs-Élysées, chocolate croissants in hand.
Since you probably already own enough striped tees and black leather jackets to prove your affinity for the country's couturiers and ready-to-wear mainstays, we're shifting the focus to another fashion item the French do best: lingerie. After all, no outfit is 100% complete without skivvies. (And, sometimes, bras and undies are your outfit.) Follow along, mon amie, because we're sharing seven of our favorite French lingerie labels for you to shop below. Bonus: We did the Euro-to-USD conversions for you.

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