84 Outfit Ideas For Style Extroverts

Whether you're brainstorming around the conference table at work, crowding around a bar with friends, or trying to elbow yourself into the last standing spot on the subway, life is full of micro-battles between introverts and extroverts. When it comes to Fashion Week, there are those who'll keep their heads down and run for cover, dodging the swarms of photographers to beeline for the entrance, and then there are the people who savor the moments just before a show. As a group that loves clicking through street style slideshows, we just have to say: Bless those fashion extroverts.
They dress with purpose — not only to brighten their own day, but to catch a nod or a wink from passersby, too. They use their clothes as a tool to make friends, say hello, and garner the attention of likeminded souls. In their pursuit of boldness, they become addictive to take in and study, and when there are so many brave dressers packed in such a small place, like, say, Paris Fashion Week, the sartorial energy almost becomes electric. For a little contact high (and outfit ideas worth breaking out of your shell to try), click through to check out what the bold girls wore all week in Paris.
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