Put Away Your Tinted Moisturizer — French-Girl Beauty Is Getting A Makeover

Photo: BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty Images.
It's couture fashion week in Paris, the one time of year that we get to ooh and ahh over gowns none of us will ever be able to reasonably afford in our lifetime. But look past the painstakingly sewn sequins, feathers, and crystals on the supermodels sauntering down the runway, and you'll find something that you can wear without taking a second mortgage out on your house. We're talking hair and makeup, and this week's show had some of the dreamiest looks yet.
A stark contrast to the typical unfussy French-girl beauty look, this season was all about bold and intentional makeup, with models wearing bright shadows and graphic electric eyeliner. It was a refreshing change of pace, and it makes sense for a week rooted in luxury. (If you're already wearing a $130,000 dress, a $28 makeup palette probably isn't going to send you over the edge.)
Check out our favorite looks coming out of the city of love, ahead.

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