How To Instagram Like A French Girl (Mais Oui!)

There's something in the Parisian air that makes everything Instagram-worthy. Either that, or the French have a knack for capturing the joie de vivre of the everyday — all in a convenient, square frame. Somehow, their lighting is always perfect, and their macarons always have that delectable, pastel hue.
Okay, we admit we tend to see the going-ons of French bloggers through rose-tinted lenses. We idealize their je ne sais quoi. So, when an outsider manages to achieve the sophistication and ease that's seemingly unattainable for anyone without a French passport, we ask ourselves: Comment? Audrey Rogers of Frassy has managed to do just that, and she has the Instagram feed to prove it.
Rogers is not French by birth, but she has adopted the land of baguettes and Brie as her second home. The blogger moved to Paris on a whim after graduating from university in England, and now she splits her time between the Left Bank and Barcelona. But, it's Rogers' dispatches from the City of Lights that have us enamored. Not only does Audrey share photos of her weekly trip to the florist; she also unashamedly snaps her #OOTD with some of Paris' most beautiful monuments. Sure, natives might scoff at a Tuileries selfie, but Audrey sees it more like we do: Why wouldn't you want to take a Tuileries selfie? (Especially when you've got a great outfit going on.)
Ahead, see how Audrey lives la vie en rose on the daily. We're dangerously close to booking our tickets to Charles de Gaulle and following in her footsteps.