High Art: Francesco Vezzoli GREED Fragrance At MOCA

Have you ever wondered what Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams smell like? A bit of Jasmine, a dash of Gardenia, a touch of greed? Ok, just kidding. There isn't such thing as a Portman-Williams eau du parfume—just an imaginary one called GREED, A New Fragrance by Francesco Vezzoli. Video artist Vezzoli cast Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams as the faux-spokeswomen for this 60-second commercial perfume launch directed by Roman Polanski, in an attempt replicate the strategy and aesthetics of an actual real-life campaign, and MOCA's homepage is like the faux-department store selling the scent. In an effort for this video to go wildly viral, all you Tweeters are invited to share the video at #GreedMOCA. If this is not newest most modern take on art, we don't know what is.